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Wedding in Mykonos

Planning your wedding in Mykonos island means being ready to have your Big Day in the most exclusive, glamorous and world-known island of Greece!

Celebrities, actors, singers, royalties, politicians, designers, DJs – Mykonos is full of famous people in the summer time and there is a huge possibility to meet a familiar star face in its narrow street.

Are you ready for a fantastic romantic experience in Greek Ibiza? Civil wedding and symbolic ceremony can take place anywhere in Mykonos. Santa Marina, St John, Kivotos Mykonos, Myconos Blu are the most luxurious resorts with perfect wedding amenities if you are going to have guests and reception.

On the other hand, Nammos, Sea Satin Myconian Utopia are prefect restaurants that also can be used as wedding venues.

For barefoot weddings, Mykonos offers numerous small taverns and beach bars that can be converted into a perfect wedding setting by afternoon.

And of course, there are unique private villas with panoramic view to blue Aegean and Delos island for those, who are looking for total privacy.

Mykonos is a small island, but even so for the Orthodox wedding, there are tiny Agios Iakovos (St.Jacob), Agios Sostis (St.Saviour) and private estate’s chapels. As for Catholic wedding, there is a small whitewashed Virgin of St.Rosary Mykonos Town where the religious ceremonies are held for Roman Catholica Couples.

Wedding in Mykonos is a one-lifetime event, unforgettable and full of magic!