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What kind of ceremony can be held in Greece?

Civil, symbolic and religious ceremony (Orthodox/Catholic/Protestant/Hindu/Jewish/Buddhist and any other confession) can be organized in Greece.

Does civil ceremony that takes place in Greece have a legal force in my country?

It does, of course, as long as the marriage certificate issued by the Greek authorities is legalized.

Which documents should I provide for the civil ceremony?

In each particular case we need to know your citizenship in order to provide you with the particular documents list, but the common papers usually are:

  •  Valid international passport.
  • Birth certificate with an Apostille stamp on it.
  • Divorce/widowhood certificate (in case it exists) with an Apostille stamp on it.
  • Any name/surname change certificate (in case it exists) with an Apostille stamp on it.
  • Non-impediment certificate with an Apostille stamp on it.

Which documents should I provide for the Orthodox/Catholic ceremony?

Besides the documents required for the civil wedding, the following will be needed:

  • Baptism certificate.
  • Certificate that verifies that there was no Orthodox/Catholic wedding before or in case there was, a certificate that allows the Couple  to have a religious ceremony again. 

What is a symbolic ceremony and what documents are required for it?

Symbolic ceremony is a ceremony peformed by the official Celebrant but without any paperwork. Hence, it doesn’t cary any legal power. It is newlyweds and couples celebrating their marriage’s anniversary by renewing vows favourite kind of the ceremony. All you need is your passport in order to write your name correctly on the symbolic wedding certificate issued either by the city hall or by us.

What is the cost of wedding ceremony?

To save your time, we created some ready packages with necessary basic inclusions. The total cost is finalized after discussions and after all the required services are included in your personalized quotation.

May we have an event with specific/individual requirements?

Of course! Just contact us in order to discuss your ideas!

Who holds the ceremony?

Our coordinators are in charge of the ceremony, preparations before it and legalization process after. City Hall representatives (Celebrants) of each certain island hold the civil ceremony.

For a symbolic ceremony, it depends on the island: it’s either our multilingual coordinator or the city hall representative.

All the religious ceremonies are held by the Metropoly’s certified priests.

I booked directly some vendors for my Greek wedding but I’d like them to be coordinated by your Agency. Is it possible?

Yes of course. As an Event Planning Agency we can provide partial coordination. What does it mean? If you booked directly a vendor for certain service and you want us as your wedding planner to add them to the coordination panel of the day, we will do it. We contact the vendor, we discuss and check your order and vendor’s comprehension of what is required and undertake its maintenance until the service is delivered/executed.

Do you provide a full planning package?

Yes we do. In fact being a legal event planning agency we can provide the best possible rates for accommodation, transfers, tours, aside the wedding planning and essential services for it.

Can we rent our wedding gown/costume service in Greece?

Our Company cooperates with wedding boutiques all over Greece, so yes!

Are there any limits for destination wedding in Greece ?

A symbolic ceremony may be organized anywhere in Greece as well as a religious! As for the civil weddings, our company provides services in Athens, Peloponnese, Halidiki, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Skiathos, Zante, Mykonos, Lefkas & Corfu

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