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Aresti Piano Bar Zakynthos

Aresti Piano Bar is located in Zakynthos island, on the well-known Red Rock of Xenopoulos. In fact, it is a  renovated traditional Zakynthian mansion. Its unique architecture, the traditional local materials used -stone, brick, wood- the popular technicians who worked with much care and lone, its colours, the old Zakynthian furniture of the granny’s and the paintings by D. Konstantopoulos and K. Maroyda , led to the unique beauty of Aresti.

This small and elegant Venue was designed for weddings up to 30 people and it’s perfect for elopements and romantic dinners. 


Wedding ceremony rental duration: 1,5 hrs

Wedding ceremony & reception rental duration: as long as it takes, but according to the Greek common quite hours rules the music should be lowered significantly at 23:00

Capacity: recommended up to 30 people 

Equipment & facilities included:

  • privacy
  • tables for the reception with white linens
  • chairs for the ceremony and the reception 
  • service 
  • catering