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So helpful and friendly

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Maria and Sylwia could not do more for us, an absolute pleasure to deal with

Fredi C. , married on 08/30/2019

Truly perfect

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Maria helped coordinate and plan our wedding in Santorini, Greece within a 2.5 month time frame. She was incredibly thorough, responsive (despite a large time difference between us), and kind. She made coordination of other vendors very easy. For example, When ever I asked for options for photographers or make up artists, she provided a few fairly priced and talented options and then coordinated the rest. She also helped coordinate a catamaran ride for later in our trip. Maria made planning a wedding extremely stress free and an enjoyable experience. At the wedding, everything was set up and ran exactly as we dreamed of. It couldn’t have been more perfect for us. We would highly recommend Mosaic Weddings to anyone!

Jenna D. , married on 08/31/2019

Warm, friendly, very helpful and professional all the way through our journey. Maria and her team really took great care of us.

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Maria and her team took care of us from beginning to end of our journey and we cannot thank them enough. We could not have done this without them.

Karen A. , married on 08/30/2019

Dreams come true with Mosaic wedding 🙂

Rated 5.0 out of 5

We couldn’t recomend Maria and her amazing team enough. Maria is very talented and gifted wedding planner, she is lovely person with a gold heart and loads of patients 😉 we were very lucky to chose her as our wedding planner. Everything was perfect even more, every detail, every minute. We have had the day of our dreams and will remember it for rest of our lives. Loads of hugs from Ireland

Jolanta H. , married on 08/23/2019

Best wedding organizer in Greece

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I can not thank the Mosaic Weddings & Events enough for all their help and support in making our Wedding Day one of the best days of our lives. From start to finish Maria was by our side and nothing was ever too much. Because of the team our wedding day went without any issues and was perfect – 3 years later family and friends are still talking about it. If i had to do it all again I’d definitely pick Maria and her Team. Thank you so much!

Daria , married on 05/10/2016

An angel for weddings

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Planning our wedding wasn’t easy. My husband and I are of different nationalities and living in a foreign country. We’re of different religions and wanted to have a church wedding in Greece. Basically, we were planning a wedding in a country which I haven’t even been to. Imagine the complications in documents, in coordinating with churches and venues and vendors. The only saving grace we had was Maria, the owner of Mosaic Weddings & Events — and she was an angel. The wedding was in July 2019 and we only started connecting with her in March. In less than 5 months, Maria was able to deliver the best wedding a couple can ever dream of. The venue was spectacular, the ceremony was great and she was able to overcome all document issues we were facing with the church. If there’ll ever be a 3rd wheel in your relationship during the wedding planning, Maria is a very much welcome one.

I joked with my friends that I would have married her instead as she was perfect!!

Thanks Maria for giving us a dream wedding!! — and I wish you more success. May you bless more couples with your great service, wonderful personality and excellent planning!

All the best.


Sheila B. , married on 07/18/2019

Professionalism & Quality

Rated 5.0 out of 5

With Mosaic Weddings & Events I find a perfect service to plan a Wedding or to do a Proposal.

Maria, was really kind and available every time I had a question!

I recommend this service!

Dardan S. , married on 07/24/2019

We had the most beautiful wedding with wonderful organization!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Maria is not just good wedding coordinator. She is marvelous woman with a big heart ❤️ who really loves to make people happy!

Maria has one of the most valuable features for a bride: when you talk to her you know that everything is gonna be okay. Big experience + passion for wedding organization = Maria Zotova.

My husband and I can’t imagine what could be improved in our wedding. Because everything was perfect thanks to Maria.

We had met our highest expectations about our dream wedding! Maria, thank you very much! We would be happy to see you again to say thank you one more time!

Марина. , married on 10/08/2018

Wedding in Crete, Greece

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Maria allowed us to live the best day of our lives, way better than we even imagined it. She is very accurate and organized, she has excellent taste, all of her suggestions improved so much our wedding and our experience. She always provided a fast answer to all of our questions, she took care of every detail, and respected our Budget perfectly. We couldnt ask for best, we recommend her !!

Claudia T.

Amazing day

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Good day.

I really want to write a review about the Mosaic wedding agency and thank you for the wonderful wedding they helped us organize on the island of Santorini 04/18/18.

We started preparing for our wedding in a year. Our neighbors advised us to contact Mosaic wedding, whom this company helped organize a wedding in the Czech Republic 6 years ago.

Before the visit to Mosaic wedding, we applied to several agencies, but after meeting with Maria, we immediately realized that we wanted to entrust the organization of the wedding to her.

When we were preparing for the wedding, we had no idea how everything would actually happen, we had a distant understanding. But, thanks to the professionalism and creative approach of the agency staff, we were able to organize a high-level wedding. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail.

From the general stylistics, to the color range, floristics, accessories.

Mary is a sorceress, we were very lucky with her, she took the organization of our wedding with great attention and care, as if she were organizing a wedding for her loved ones.

Her attention was felt in everything. And it was also felt that she was madly in love with her work and was enjoying her pleasure. Maria helped us in everything, supported and directed, everything she did towards us, the organization of our wedding, was imbued with a love for her work. And the informal approach and creativity in all things helped to make the wedding special and not like the others. You see, in such a case every little thing is important and I can’t imagine what we would do without professionals.

Our wedding was perfect.

On the wedding day, everything feels different, brighter, more beautiful, more fabulous 🌈. Many ask us why we chose Santorini ..? In fact, there is a small background …

Initially, we planned to make a wedding in France, because we love this country and everything connected with it very much. But when they began to learn everything in detail, they found out that official ceremonies are not held in France and we will have to get married in Moscow. Therefore, they began to consider countries in which we can get married for real, officially.

When we were offered Santorini, we realized that we wanted to make a wedding there. After all, its beauty, unique landscapes, architecture, are simply created so that couples in love from all over the world come here and swear oaths of love and loyalty to each other.

We did not regret for a minute that we chose Santorini. Even the most callous person becomes more romantic getting to the island. At our wedding there were 30 people, our relatives and friends. How did we fabulously spend these 5 days together. It was very unusual to travel with so many people close and dear to you! Almost everyone lived near, or in the same hotel. A great gift for us was that Maria was with us in Santorini and personally controlled everything, was with us and supported us at the most crucial moments.

All these 5 days have been carefully planned.

On the first day, Maria helped us organize a dinner with close relatives, the second day passed at the winery, where we tasted various wines and we had a tour.

The 3rd day-day of the wedding, a magical day … A chic decor of the playground, a saxophonist, a box for rings with our initials, which Maria from Latvia specially ordered, an unforgettable photo session with the best photographers and videographers in Santorini, a helicopter flight and an enchanting landing on helicopter to the restaurant to the song of agent 007. The guests were shocked, because until recently everyone was kept secret. The decor of the restaurant deserves special attention: tablecloths, table frames, gifts for guests — all of which we ordered in Moscow. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail, even the blue candles were brought specially from Athens for the decoration of the tables. A magnificent photozone, amazing floristics do not have enough words to describe all this magnificence.

A beautiful cake, fireworks, a cover band and Greek dancers, Sirtaki and smashing plates, all this created a unique atmosphere on our main evening. The head is spinning from stunning memories …

The next day, we organized a walk on a hulet, with a visit to the volcano and swimming in hot springs.

What could be better for a post-wedding day?

We can talk about our wedding for a very long time, but in the end I want to say only one thing, we will never forget these wonderful days. Many thanks to the Mosaic weddings team for helping to bring this tale to life. We will thank you for it all your life.

Polina P. , married on 04/18/2018