Ceremony status: symbolic/vows renewal
Wedding venue: Le Ciel/Imerovigli, Santorini
Photo credits: Nathan Wyatt

A post about this incredible couple’s wedding  is not about the perfect planning of the wedding that went gently and correctly from the first moment till the last.

It is not about sea-navy decoration theme and flowers chosen. It’s not about exclusive menu and delicious wedding cake, even not about an entertaining program all night long. As their beautiful celebration had it all.

It is about Couple’s attitude to their family and guests (whom they also considered a family) that we have never seen before. Coming for inspection trip some months before the wedding the biggest concern of J&J was their guests having the best possible time. They really cared of each guest like if it was their family and their family was on the top on this day. UK, Australia, Russia – their guests arrived from different parts of the world to honor great couple and share the most significant moment with them.

It was one of those weddings that we’ll always remember because of its high spirited, warm hearted atmosphere.