Ceremony status: civil wedding
Wedding venue: Turtle island
Photo credits: Nymfeion

Zakynthos island or Zante is a real pearl of Ionian. We really love organizing weddings there as island’s beauty is captivating, it’s full of beautiful ceremony locations and different landscapes.

Irina & Sergey’s dream was to tie the knot in a very rare location. So rare that it almost would not be accessible to anyone else. After a long time search we ended up with the Turtle island – a nature park famous for unique careta-careta turtles poputaion. It’s really far away from everything and difficult to be reached, but even there we managed to hold a civil wedding with register from the city hall.

The inhabited island hosted Couple’s lovely colorful ceremony. The nature in its greatness arranged the most beautiful background.
The feeling when you make someone’s almost impossible dream come true is fantastic. And this is how we feel about this beautiful and loving couple couple.