Ceremony status: civil wedding
Guests: 30
Photo credits: Olga Toka Photo-Video/ Muramoto Photography
Wedding Venue: Venetsanos Winery

This is a wedding to talk about because when it comes to unique Bride Ellen Sheidlin nothing can be ordinary!

First of all we feel such a gratitude to be trusted Ellen & Eugene’s Big day planning. Meeting this Couple was one of the most unforgettable experiences for me as a wedding planner and as a person. Elena is absolutely the same person as she is seen on her pictures – creative, fantastic, really somehow from another dimension. Her art is herself and her husband’s inspiration. 

For their wedding day the Couple wanted to combine a classical scenario with a fresh look. Thus we started with a civil ceremony at Venetsanos Winery, continued with lunch at Pyrgos Restaurant Santorini and ended that fantastic evening at Yalos Santorini with really crazy party.

Bride’s tailor made look was inspired by the Little Mermaid cartoon. Ellen told me that when she was a little girl she saw this cartoon and ever since was dreaming about really magical bridal gown and accessories that would remind of sea bubbles, foam and waves.

Of course Ellen & Eugene’s creative vision gave us one of the most beautiful weddings set ups we ever done. Just look at these super seldom pastel rainbow roses in bride’s bouquet and colorful circle arch that also was based on a rainbow pastel colors idea. A real piece of art by Manfler Zempili

There are so many words to say about the day and the Couple but what comes in to my mind is the excitement, real love and atmosphere of a great celebration everyone shared.