Orthodox wedding gives you incredible opportunity to get married through the Orthodox ceremony, something you will never forget. Ceremony itself is incredibly touching and full of inner beauty. Its idea is Gods blessing of marriage, future children and eternal unity.

It is necessary to mention that the Church and State of Greece are indivisible; therefor the ceremony has official status and afterwards an official wedding certificate is issued by Greek Authorities. It does not matter if couple is already officially married – the Orthodox wedding may be held in any Orthodox chapel in Greece and required a special wedding permission from each place’s Metropoly.

Catholic wedding ceremony is the same as the Orthodox  with the same requirements when it comes to paperwork. Majority of Greek islands have Catholic churches, including the most picturesque ones: Santorini, Mykonos, Tinos, Crete, Rhodes, Paros, Naxos as well as Athens.


  • Ceremony’s date & time booking
  • Full event planning including limitless Skype consultations
  • Providing portfolio of all the Chapels available for the chosen type of wedding
  • Translation, validation & delivery of all the necessary documents to Metropolis
  • All  state & local fees to obtain a wedding permission issued by local authorities
  • Payment of all the necessary ecclesiastical fees for the wedding permission
  • Certification of all the documents in Metropolis
  • Official translation & verification of all the documents
  • Courier services for delivery in Greece
  • Priest’s fee
  • Chapel’s fee
  • Providing of 2 witnesses
  • Services of English speaking assistant: meeting with the Couple prior the Ceremony in order to check all the details
  • Services of English speaking assistant: meeting with priest holding ceremony for a pre wedding interview with the Couple, full accompanying
  • Services of English speaking assistant: Wedding Venue inspection prior the wedding if required
  • Services of English speaking assistant: wedding ceremony & package services coordination, translation at the ceremony
  • Services of English speaking assistant: private escort to Santorini City Hall in order to sign the registry book and start the process of generating the Marriage Certificate
  • Private transfer for the Couple with economy class air conditioned car to the Wedding Venue and any location (one way) after the ceremony
  • Bride’s bouquet & groom’s boutonniere with delivery to the Couple’s hotel (seasonal flowers)
  • Decorated basket with rose petals
  • For Orthodox wedding:
  • Orthodox wreaths for the Ceremony
  • Silver tray with carafe & glass for the ceremony (the carafe, chalice & wreath remain in Couple’s possession after the Ceremony)
  • Sweet almonds in white sugar paste as decorative element for the Ceremony
  • 2 candles on stand with seasonal flowers composition decoration for the ceremony
  • For Catholic wedding :
  • 2 flower arrangements on stands aside the altar with seasonal flowers
  • 1 flower centerpiece for the ceremony table
  • Textile decoration for the aisle



In Greece it’s possible to hold Protestant, Islamic, Jewish and Hindu weddings. Some confessions are represented by chaplain based in Athens and willing to travel to any location to hold the service, other confessions do not exist but you can bring your own ceremony master. Everything is possible here as long as you are willing to make your dream come true.

*The particular package is available in all the Greek islands as well as mainland. This package is basic and includes only essential services for Orthodox/Catholic wedding. In case you are interested in more services or tailor making the package, please contact us.