There are some basic things that are fundamental for planning a perfect wedding abroad and particularly in Greece!

Following the below mentioned steps one by one, you will get the wedding of your dreams.

STEP 1: Chose your wedding destination in Greece. Barefoot wedding on the beach with stylish bamboo gazebo? Zakynthos and Corfu are here to amaze you with options! Glamorous ceremony with fantastic panoramic views? Santorini and Mykonos will offer you the ultimate luxury and unforgettable views. Greek style rustic wedding? Endless olive groves, tiny old chapels and real Greek spirit of generosity are waiting for you in Crete & Rhodes!

Even if you are looking for an unusual place or a certain wedding destination within Greece, our experienced team will discover it for you

STEP 2: Learn more about the wedding documentation. In case you are planning a civil wedding or Orthodox/Catholic wedding and you already passed through the Stage One, check with our professional team the list of necessary papers for holding the ceremony at the chosen place. After receiving all the essential information, please check with local authorities and make sure that you possess necessary original documentation in order to proceed with the Venue, Register/Priest and our team’s coordinator booking. Kindly note, that our team provides full assistance with paperwork in Greece, including all the translations, verification and state fees & permissions without your presence!

STEP 3: Define your budget. This step is the most important as all the rest depends on it. Defining the budget doesn’t mean just saying a number – it means that you also need to clarify what services are required in limits of the wedding budget. At this stage, our team will provide you all the necessary costs information and calculations so you can have a clear idea of the final cost

Just as simple as that!