Being often asked about a destination within Greece recommendation and thinking of what to recommend to our Couples, we ended up with 4 the most popular and possible to be organized wedding themes in Greece. Interested? Continue reading!

The first and probably the most popular theme  is a beach/barefoot wedding.

If you imagine a tranquil beach with turquoise waters as your wedding’s most important background – plan your wedding in Greece. Rhodes, Crete, Zante, Mykonos, Corfu as well as numerous less known picturesque islands can host your barefoot beach wedding.

In Greece each island is unique, has its own landscape, even sand & Aegean sea colors differ. Golden, white, volcanic black, grey, pebble and sandy, with breathtaking surroundings Greek beaches are perfect for your unforgettable beach wedding.

barefoor zante wedding

On the second place we would set the rustic weddings. Within last years Greece has become one of the most popular destinations for the rustic wedding. Greek vineyards and picturesque chapels as well as olive and oranges groves in private estates each year host more events.

zante rustic wedding

No wonder  – these beautiful locations full of pure nature’s beauty along with Greek traditional cuisine and entertainment give your guests and yourself the most incredible experience of a real Greek wedding. There is nothing more romantic than having your wedding among wildflowers or a Byzantine chapel wall in Greece.

crete wedding

And one more for today – aboard wedding. Imagine your dream wedding aboard of a luxury yacht. Our maybe atraditional wooden ship? Or maybe mega yacht? When it comes to aboard wedding, Greece has it all! Well known for its private ship fleet, beautiful waters of Aegean sea and adorable islands views Greece can become your own wedding dream come true. Romantic moments as well as laughter, joy and beautiful moments are a part of wedding aboard package. Just set the course and let’s go forward through salty splashes to your beautiful Aegean adventure.

rhodes wedding