A Greek Orthodox wedding is full of deeply symbolic customs with very old roots. Having a Greek Orthodox wedding means following all these customs and eventually – having a great time also before the wedding itself. What do the Greeks do before a traditional wedding?

Point 1: making a marital bed. Some days before the ceremony all the ladies, relatives and friends, gather in the Couple’s house to make the marital bed. They put the finest fabrics and throw money and rise above it. There is a superstition about putting a child on a bed so the heir of Couple to arrive the fastest. And they say, the future baby will be of the same sex as the child!

Point 2: best man and maid of honor prewedding obligations. In Greece, the best man is called koubaros and the maid of honor is koubara. The koubaros is responsible for Groom’s support and good looks. There is a tradition of shaving the Groom by his friends with koubaros as a leader of course. Koubara from the Bride’s side is responsible for the bridal preparations. One of the most exciting moments of this process is writing names of unmarried girlfriends on a shoe sole. They say the first name that will erase is a girlfriend who will get married next. If you are from the Bride’s unmarried squad and intend to tie the knot, make sure your name to be written on the spot that touches the floor constantly.

Point 3: your best man and maid of honor are also responsible for the wedding decoration and church arrangements. In Greece, the koubara & koubaros are in charge of these expenses. It is a custom. Being koubaras & koubaros also gives them the privilege to be Godparents of the Couple’s first child.

Photo credits: Nikos Mylonas